Augmented Brand Protection

Over the last 10 years, online brand protection has rapidly established itself asone of the most complicated commercial and intellectual property puzzles for companies to solve. Very few companies have successfully managed to regain control of their brands and of what was done to them – and many have failed and still face serious threats.

The powerful and effective brand protection strategy is the delicate alchemy of several key elements.


The capability to capture, record, and mitigate nefarious activity across the world, and across the web. Detect and capture activity fast, and resolve it faster, everywhere, for good.


The intention, and the execution power, to push further into the supply chain of illicit goods and activities, thereby augmenting day-to-day online policing and turning it into an actionable data source for real-world investigations.

Flexibility & Agility

In a time when most providers offer static solutions to a very dynamic challenge, it is crucial to have the ability to move quickly into new territories of threats, and leverage intelligence to pre-empt unauthorised activities from turning into very costly situations. Regrettably, a vast number of brands still rely on technologies and services that cannot accompany them into this dynamic environment.


While the brand protection industry has come a long way, the cost of running such programmes remains surprisingly high. The burden remains on the brand owner to invest significant budgets into activities which rarely end up having a genuine impact on their balance sheet, or even on the level of threat they are under. Too often, basic online and offline brand protection tasks require so much budget investment, that little is left over for tracking down the bad guys into the physical world.

Looking at the landscape of the Brand Protection industry , it is clear that many service offerings are no longer a suitable option for the challenges that brands face today.

It is this realization that is at the foundation of Bridge, conceived and started by a group of experienced brand protection experts who grew tired and frustrated atthe lack of real value in solutions that were offered to them for years.

Bridge originates in the desire to change the status quo and offer an alternative for brands who truly wish to tackle their brand protection issues heads-on, successfully, while ensuring that their investment will have an impact both online and offline, without needing to choose one over the other.

The idea behind Bridge is that of bridging the crucial gap between the online world and the physical world in a cost-effective and realistic manner. Bridging the gap, not in words and promises, but in strategic and impactful actions.


Why choose Bridge to build the foundations of your strategy?

For a business only just starting its brand protection journey, selecting aprovider can be a complex enterprise. As the market becomes mature and the number of offerings grows, it is often complicated to identify what sets suppliers apart – especially when they all claim to be providing the exact same level of service.


Why choose Bridge to navigate next phase of your brand protection journey?

For brands with more expansive experience, it is often frustrating to accept that the way they have done brand protection until now has provided only minor tangible success, although it has cost them a significant share of their annual budgets. They are often no closer to making a genuine difference, whilst their provider persists in delivering identical output each month – many times with chronic lack of outcome.

Bridge is on a course to offer an alternative to the market, setting its services apart to provide real benefits to brands.

Personal Approach

Personalized approach for each project. Bridge services are organized and delivered in a flexible way. While most large brand protection vendors prioritize scalability and run all their projects in a “same for all” pattern, Bridge remains agile and keen to adapt to each project’s specificities.

Augmented brand protection

Bridge delivers high-quality day-to-day brand protection services, starting with detection, and all the way through to systematic enforcements – just like most providers appear to offer. Bridge, however, pushes to go beyond this point, to identify and pursue high-value targets in the physical world – consistently seeking to make a genuine impact.


Bridge is born out of the expertise of a handful of highly skilled brand protection specialists, IP lawyers, and investigators. Not a tech company and not a law office – Bridge is built to be the partner for brands who need smart and meaningful ways to tackle their online abuse challenges.

Case Management

Our proprietary case management system and reporting protocols turn data into actionable intelligence, creating opportunities to reach beyond the basics of online brand protection.


The brand protection market has changed, yet the cost of running such programs has remained sky-high. Bridge’s commercial offering is designed to be fair and sustainable – thereby affording clients the possibility to exceed the usual “detect to enforce” model, and gain ground against nefarious actors in the real world. Bridge’s commercial focus is on providing budget-smart added value services.

Referenceable clients

Our corporate clients are referenceable. We have guided and empowered them throughout their brand protection journey. They will tell you the tale of their successes since Bridge teams have worked by their side.

Let’s talk about your brand’s needs.It may be time for a new approach to protecting it.