Bridge is a genuine alternative to the current market offering

Enabling augmented brand protection

Bridge operates on the principle of “Augmented Brand Protection”: Take what has been available for years, adapt and improve it to meet today’s requirements, and augment it with unique expertise in the fight against cyber and real-life criminal networks.

This would be impossible to replicate if we were one of the big “technology” players in the brand protection space.

Everything we do starts with the basics of online brand protection, and it gets augmented by unrivaled expertise and the desire to go further.

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Follow-through with “desktop” and “on the ground” investigations

At its inception, Bridge has put “Augmented Brand Protection” at the core of its practices. By using trusted automation to manage high volumes of results and push out the necessary enforcements, we attempt to free up time and resources – both labor and capital costs. This enables us and our clients to focus on high-value targets, initially identified as part of our online routine work, and map out their activities within the illegitimate supply chain.

Our in-house research team runs thorough desktop investigations on high-impact sellers, diving deep in to the matrix. This desktop investigation often leads to further on-the-ground actions in collaboration with the brand owner, the local authorities, or local investigators. Bridge can leverage its global network of counterfeiting experts in most regions of concern. Investigating and finding bad guys is in our corporate DNA.

Enforcements and Content Removals

Our enforcement processes have been designed to target high-volume sellers and multi-listings sellers as apriority. Leveraging sophisticated case-management technology, we enforce swiftly on any incident with exceptional take-down success rates, across most of the problematic digital environments.

These operations, carried out daily by our analyst team, help our clients protect consumers while eroding the commercial margins of the black market and counterfeit traders.

While online enforcements are now a very commoditized service offered by almost any brand protection provider, Bridge makes this component of the overall strategy as targeted and economically sustainable aspossible – In a mature brand protection market, online enforcements should be the “basics”, not the“highlight” of the corporate brand protection strategy.

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Crawling and Acquiring Data

We have invested time and resources to build a world-class data collection system to detect any unauthorized brand use or brand-related transaction across a vast range of online environments.

We comfortably monitor sensitive global platforms across online marketplaces, social media, appenvironments, as well as standalone e-commerce websites and domain registrations.

Project Strategy and Reporting

While most brand owners accept that “Data” can be a valuable asset, very few get a shot at understanding it,let alone capitalizing on it. Bridge’s project planning and client reporting ensure that while we work on neutralizing an active threat, we also find meaningful ways to make the most of undervalued data sets that we juggle as part of all client programs.

In collaboration with the brands we protect, we identify and discuss abuse trends, pinpoint opportunities to improve the project’s strategy design, and advise on further action to be taken. Our reporting processes aregea red towards creating value, not merely listing monthly numbers.

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Data Filtering, Management and Analysis

Using Bridge’s proprietary case management technology, each result is assessed and vetted by our highly skilled analysts at Bridge’s Operation Centre. Each result is categorized, safely stored, and actioned accordingly.